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Tissue Conditioning in Sherwood Park

Is your lower denture loose or causing discomfort? If soft or permanent relines are not stabilizing your dentures, tissue conditioning may be a successful alternative.

Tissue conditioning works to improve the health of the gum tissues that act as a foundation for your lower denture. Our denturist uses a series of temporary denture liners until your gum tissues are able support your dentures with properly fit permanent liners.

Health Changes & Surgical Dentures

Allen Brentwood Denture Clinic may recommend tissue conditioning for aging patients with health problems or full denture wearers experiencing noticeable weight loss. Such physical changes can result in losing bone and tissue that act as a foundation for the denture.

Also, healing from dental extractions for surgical dentures causes the tissues in your mouth to shrink. Tissue conditioning is a temporary method to help you adjust to the new surgical dentures with more stability and comfort.

Do you have questions about tissue conditioning? Call our denture clinic in Sherwood Park for a complimentary consultation.