Project Description

Surgical Dentures

You have decided on dentures and need to have your remaining natural teeth removed. Wouldn’t it be a comfort to not have to wait on your new dentures afterwards? You don’t have to with surgical dentures.

Allen Brentwood Denture Clinic will make your dentures before your teeth are pulled, and you pick them up from our denturist office in Sherwood Park before your appointment with the dentist or surgeon. Your dentures are there ready to insert immediately after dental extraction.

Advantages of Surgical Dentures

Surgical dentures work well for many patients because the denture acts as a splint to control bleeding and swelling. These surgical or immediate dentures can also protect against trauma and lessen pain, as well keeping the outside environment and your tongue from irritating your healing gums.

Over time, surgical dentures promote better maintenance of the bony ridges of your gums, while supporting normal speech and eating habits. And patients with surgical dentures most appreciate having a full set of new teeth immediately after losing their own NATURAL teeth.

Allen Brentwood Denture Clinic invites you to book a complimentary consultation to discuss how surgical dentures may benefit you.