Project Description

Tooth & Denture Repairs

Have you chipped a tooth on your dentures? Have you dropped and cracked the denture itself? Enjoy the convenience and quality of professional denture repair in Sherwood Park, the same day and while you wait.

Allen Brentwood Denture Clinic performs most repairs in house. You don’t have to be without your dentures. Just call for an appointment; we normally can fit you in promptly.

Home Denture Repair – What Could Go Wrong?

Don’t damage your health or your investment in your dentures. A professional denturist’s advice is simple: Do not try to repair your dentures yourself at home.

Home denture repair’s first risk to your health is in causing more damage and additional sore spots. The second risk may be even more dangerous. Some people attempt repairs with instant glues – Krazy®, Super®, Gorilla® and others – not realizing they are then putting a toxic substance in their mouths.

As to financial damage, failed attempts can mean higher repair costs later on. Call our denture clinic in Sherwood Park for the correct repairs today, without the worry.

Same-Day and Overnight Denture Relines

If you have sore spots or discomfort caused by your dentures, they may need relining. We offer upper and lower denture relining with the option of an additional of soft liner in the lower denture for patients who have problems with sensitive lower gum lines and flat lower ridges due to increased bone loss.

Allen Brentwood Denture Clinic also offers two reline options so you don’t need to be without your dentures for long. Bring in your dentures for same-day reline service. Or, if you work, drop off your dentures in the late afternoon and pick them up in the morning.