Project Description

Custom Full Dentures

Have you lost most or all of your natural teeth to trauma or disease? The solution is full dentures, and Allen Brentwood Denture Clinic works carefully to make you comfortable with your new smile.

Our denturist places your new teeth in the denture to look as natural in size and spacing as your original teeth. And if you are looking for new teeth that are standing straight in a row, we are able to create that smile for you. Or if you are looking for that bright white smile, we can do that too, whatever your preference.

By first setting the artificial teeth in wax, we are able to give you options – as many as you like – until you see the perfect arrangement for you, taking into account your facial structure and aesthetic choice. We never finish new teeth until our patients are definitely happy with their new smiles.

The Option of Acrylic or Porcelain Teeth

Allen Brentwood Denture Clinic provides a customized choice in tooth materials as well: acrylic or porcelain. Acrylic is most commonly used today, but we have kept porcelain as an option for several reasons:

  • You can replace much older dentures with the same, familiar material
  • Porcelain teeth are harder and show wear patterns slower
  • People report a more natural bite since porcelain is sharper than acrylic

Make an Informed Decision about Full Dentures

Porcelain does have the drawback of being the same material you find in good china. If you drop your dentures like you would a porcelain tea cup, you can chip or break them. In this way, acrylic has the benefit of durability.

Porcelain teeth also cost more, as well as taking more skill and work to create. This is why most denturists no longer offer porcelain, but our denturist gives you that choice.

The choice of dentures is a major step, and we are here to help you with your decision. Please call us to book a complimentary consultation.