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Partial Dentures – A Solution for Patients of All Ages

Being older doesn’t necessarily mean you need dentures. At the same time, partial dentures can be the solution for tooth loss in patients as young as teenagers. Allen Brentwood Denture Clinic in Sherwood Park welcomes you for a complimentary consultation to discuss how a partial denture can replace a lost tooth, protect your healthy teeth and give you back a confident smile.

Have you lost one or more teeth to dental disease or trauma? If you still have several healthy natural teeth to act as anchors, you may be a good candidate for one of two kinds of partials: a titanium metal partial or a non-metal partial with a clear acrylic clasps.

Titanium versus Acrylic Partials

Titanium partials are still a viable option for some patients because of their light weight and durability, especially in caring for them outside of your mouth. The new acrylic non-metal partial with a clear clasp can be a better choice. Acrylic will not scrape and damage the enamel on the intact “anchor” tooth, possibly causing another lost tooth.

Acrylic partials also owe their popularity to:

  • Being less visible in your mouth
  • Being as strong as metal while in use
  • Not having the feel of metal in your mouth
  • Providing an alternative for those who are allergic to metal